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NCOD Review Working Group

The City of Bozeman has hired consultants BendonAdams to carry out a comprehensive review of the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District, its Design Guidelines and the Historic Preservation Program. 


The purpose of SCAN's NCOD Review Working Group is to enable residents of SCAN to participate in this review process and to recommend associated plans, policies and actions to the appropriate boards and agencies.  Working Group activities include gathering, monitoring, reviewing, and disseminating relevant information from City staff, citizen advisory boards, neighborhood outreach activities, other communities, and other public sources​.​ This Working Group convenes as needed to carry out these activities and craft well researched, thoughtful, and well documented recommendations.


Many resource documents for this Working Group are here.  Others are located on the City's  NCOD Review web page.

Members of this working group are SCAN residents Tammy Minge, Mark Ringer, Jon Wirth, and Vicky York.  All can be reached though Nextdoor.

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