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Residential Parking Working Group

The Bozeman City Commission has requested a review of Residential Parking Permit Districts (RPPD) for the area directly north and south of the downtown core (B-3 Zoning District.)  Increasing development density in the urban core adjacent to traditional residential neighborhoods drives this request.


In response the Parking Program Manager is revisiting the RPPD policy with current best practices and strategies to manage the public parking asset.  Improvements to policy include data driven methodologies to support any creation, modification, and/or dissolvent of any new or existing RPPD.  Consistent with current best practices, a blended time limited parking model (two-hour parking and permit) is suggested rather than the current exclusive use model of RPPD permit parking only.


Within SCAN this includes a potential new RPPD in the north area adjacent to downtown and areas adjacent to the existing University RPPD in the southwest area.  The intent of the SCAN Residential Parking Working Group is to inform neighbors of the potential policy update and enable citizen engagement to appropriate boards and agencies of parking concerns affecting the quality of life in SCAN.

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