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South Central Association of Neighbors

Working Group Guidelines



  1. The Steering Committee will establish Working Groups to support the SCAN mission, goals, membership, and procedures.  Working Groups will address specific issues of relevance to SCAN at large or specific neighborhoods/areas within SCAN.  Working Groups may be established at the request of SCAN members or at the Steering Committee’s initiative. Working Groups will convene as needed to discuss and craft well researched, thoughtful, and well documented recommendations.  Working Groups report to the SCAN Steering Committee.                                                                                                  

  2. Working Group activities will include gathering, monitoring, reviewing, and disseminating all relevant information from City staff, citizen advisory boards, outreach activities, other communities, and other public sources.  The Working Groups may formulate recommendations and report to the Steering Committee based on the information and work. These activities and the information gathered must be transparent and readily available to all community members. The Working Group will appoint a convener who is responsible for defining, coordinating and publicizing Working Group activities.  Working Groups will convene at places and times that are optimum for most members.  Working Groups will include at least one or more Steering Committee members and all residents who respond to membership solicitations, and not be used to promote an individual agenda.                                                                

  3. The Steering Committee will solicit Working Group participation from all SCAN residents.  Membership solicitation mechanisms will include those provided by the City (neighborhoods coordinator, NextDoor, postal service) as well as the SCAN website, electronic mail, and direct personal interaction. The Steering Committee is responsible for timely transmission of well-supported Working Group recommendations to the SCAN membership, the Inter-Neighborhood Council, the City Commission, and its Advisory Boards.

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